You’re right. This is just another blog with the sole purpose of having a moan and a whine. I won’t even try concealing that. So, before you consider reading any of my articles in full, please keep this in mind. To make matters worse, English is not my native language. Even though I have been living in the UK for almost a decade, my roots will shine through — be it due to silly mistakes, or due to my inability to beat around the bush as proficiently as most English people do.

So why the heck should you read this? Well, maybe because you are curious and open minded enough to hear the opinion on current political issues in Britain as they affect me and my family. I am almost certain that some aspects of a EU citizen’s point of view are new or unexpected to any Brit who has never lived abroad. Mind you, this is not meant to be demeaning in any way, shape or form! My and my family’s hearts beat for Britain; of course we understand any Brit being proud of their country, too. This is our home and has been for many years!

A bit of background: I am an EU citizen (German national, as I’m sure you have gathered already), permanent resident in the UK. My wife is a non-EU citizen, permanent resident in the UK. We married here 7 years ago. Our daughter, 1 year old, is a British citizen. Indeed, we hold three different passports. This is the result of London’s diversity.

So, why should you read this again? I don’t know. But I can tell you why I have started writing this blog: I need a way to voice my opinion, find a catalyst for my increasing anger about British politics. I know this is a wonderful country, despite politicians being very busy to make Britain look like a bunch of clueless fools on an increasingly isolated (and politically devided) island. I am very worried about our future as a multi-national, multi-“race” family in this country.

If I can raise a tiny little bit of awareness amongst Brits who may not have considered what “taking back control” and “making Britain great again” means for their colleagues, co-workers, friends, and neighbours, that’s a bonus!

You are more than welcome to comment on anything here. Link to it, if you like. Quote me, if you please (keep the context please, and/or link back here). Thanks for your time!

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